We guide sustainable progress through precision and innovation.


Our team specialise in a comprehensive range of professional surveying services to meet a variety of needs, ranging from boundary identification and remark surveys, through to subdivisions, acquisition and easement surveys for large road and utility construction projects.

If your project requires dealing with boundaries our Registered Land Surveyors are able to assist.



Our engineering surveying capabilities encompass a wide range of services designed to meet the demands of complex projects. Our capability includes providing civil construction control and set out surveys to help you realise your engineering plans on the ground.

Our services also include as-constructed surveys for accurate documentation of completed projects, deformation monitoring to detect and monitor structural movements, topographic and detail surveys, as well as terrestrial and drone photogrammetry for highly detailed mapping and inspection projects.

We are equipped to deliver exceptional engineering surveying solutions to our valued clients.




We recognise that the demands of modern projects extend beyond traditional surveying techniques. To address this, we leverage the latest digital and spatial technologies.

Our comprehensive suite of spatial and GIS services incorporates Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis (MCDA), automated digitisation and imagery analysis as well as virtual/augmented reality integration.

Our passion for data drives us to not only capture and analyse spatial information efficiently and accurately but also transform it into visually appealing representations. With our expertise, we help our clients unlock valuable insights and gain a comprehensive understanding of their projects through the power of data visualisation.